10 Family Activities for Spring & Summer

The Spring and Summer seasons are a stupendous time to have fun the with entire family.

Here are some more ideas to liven up your seasons with some fun.

1. Grow something ya’ll can eat – We always hear that we should eat fresh for good health and how much more fresh can you get than something you grow with your own two hands? Choose a fruit or vegetable that your family will love and start a ‘planting project’ together.

2. Make tie-dye shirts – Here’s a retro one, but making tie-dye t-shirts can be fun for all ages while allowing everyone in your family to take their creativity to all whole other level.

3. Climb a tree – This one speaks for itself but can always be a fun and exciting adventure for kids. Many of us don’t have that great big tree that makes climbing a breeze, but all over your town I can guarantee you can find them in parks or even another friends house.

4. Build a treehouse – If you do happen to have a nice sturdy tree in your yard, try building a treehouse. Some smaller trees that may not seem as strong can sometimes still be used however, you may need to bring in some other boards for reinforcement.

5. Wash the car as a group – Create your own personalized ‘water park’ by creating a day of fun and soapy suds by coming together to wash the family car. Not only will your car get a good clean but your family will get together and have a memorable time.

6. Eat outside – A change of scenery can be nice, especially since we are coming out of the colder parts of the year. Move your families’ meals outside every now and then for a new kind of dining experience.

7. Have a garage sale – Now can be the time to get rid of unwanted items while making more room in your house. Give your kids some easy responsibilities to teach them the value of hard work and give them that extra boost of independance. IF you’re prepared to give it to them that it. ;0

8. Dig for worm – When it’s warm outside, we all know that Earthworms like to keep cool deep in the dirt. They enjoy visitors as long as they aren’t harmful ones. Check out these worm’s habitat when you and the family feel like getting a little down and dirty.

9. Discover honeysuckles – Honeysuckles are hands down one of the best parts of this time of the year! If you are fortunate to know where to find some, show this opportunity to show your kids how to get the honey out of them. This cool flower is not only beautiful to look at and exciting to find, but delicious to taste on a hot Summer’s day.

10. Make some flower arrangements – Whether you find flowers in your local grocery store, the farmers market or are able to pick them for yourself, now is a great time to take advantage of the various types of flowers that are in bloom and bring them all together in different arrangements of beauty. I’ve found that this type of project can really bring out your kid’s artistic side.

And there you have it! 10 more family friendly activities to keep everyone happy, healthy and busy with fun this season.

I am not sure if I will continue this series but no matter what, Fun 4 will always be bringing you some kind of information pertaining to family fun and wellness.