5 Creative Ways to Play on a Rainy Day

Summer has it’s fair share of rainy days, but you can still keep the fun going with your kids while inside. We have had a lot of of Summer storms in my area here, and so it got me to thinking creative about what all my kids and I could do.

Of course I had to share what I came up with, so here are 5 fun ways to keep your kids entertained inside on a rainy day.

1.) Have a Treasure Hunt

We don’t commonly think about these things, but there are plenty of places indoors to have a treasure hunt. Try making a set of clues for every player, and of course an item to be the hidden treasure. The possibilities with this one seem endless, and it’s a rewarding game to really enjoy with your kids.

2.) Create a Family Recipe Book

What’s better than a game that can continue to bring you memories for years to come? Grab an unlined journal and some index cards and you are ready to go. Compile your recipes by holiday or any other period of time that has a memory to it, or just plain inspires you.

3.) Indoor Camping

Who says that you camp indoors? Small tents can be set up indoors to reflect a realistic looking campsite, and you can even make your own tent by tossing a few big blankets over your chairs and furniture, and voila- a fun camping experience for all members of your family.

4.) DIY Photo Booth

I remember speaking a little on this activity in one of my other posts, but it’s such a cool idea that I don’t mind mentioning it twice. All you really need for this one is a camera (the one on your phone or tablet will do), a cool looking sheet or piece of paper to use against the wall for a background, a few silly costumes that your kids may already have, and bam. Yet another cool way to make memories with your kids and have the pictures to last you a lifetime.

5.) Have a Film Festival

Grab a few of the kid’s favorite movies, some blankets, and popcorn, and lounge together as you watch a stream of your favorite movies, or even shows. For a full movie theatre effect, pin blankets over the windows to block out daytime lighting.

And there you have it- my top 5 activities for keeping kids entertained on a rainy day. What are some of your best ideas for rainy day fun?