9 Family Activities For Spring and Summer

Family activities are a very important for keeping united, close and strong. What better time to take advantage of activities than in the Spring and Summer. With the sun shining warm and bright, the flowers blooming and pleasantness of nature, there is alway something to do inside or out.

Here’s a list of 15 activities to make your spice up your sunny season and bring everyone together to experience loads of fun.

1.) Go to a sports game – Whether it’s baseball or soccer or whatever else your family likes, a sports game can make for a fun way to ‘play’ together.’

2.) Take morning and evening walks – These are the best times for walking as they are they aren’t as hot as the middle of the day and can allow you to see things that you may not ordinarily see in the middle of the day.

3.) Sleep Outside – Sleepovers are cool but what’s cooler than sleeping outside? Get the wilderness experience by sleeping in an external habitat. Grab your flashlights, sleeping bags, and s’mores for the ultimate party outdoors.

4.) Gather flowers – Spring brings many wonderful things but one of the most beautiful are the flowers. Try picking some and even using them to make a pretty necklace and other types of jewelry.

5.) Make a birdfeeder –  Birds are beautiful creatures that love to serenade us with their beautiful songs. Bring them into your yard with a healthy and enticing bird feeder. If you don’t want to buy a bird feeder then there are several cool ways to make them yourself, making for another great project on a gorgeous Summer day.

6.) Make your own stained glass – Tap into your artsy side by started a stained glass project. Hang them in your windows and capture the essence of the beauty you just created through natural light.

7.) Play in the yard – What better time of the year to make the best of having a yard than the Spring and Summer? Go outside and play sports, make bracelets and necklaces out of long strands of glass, plant some flowers, dig in the mud, just overall let loose and let yourself get dirty!

8.) Plant some flowers – Like I just now mentioned, add some flowers to your yard to spruce things up. Even if you have never planted anything before, just give it a try and plant a little something.

9.) Make some smoothies and other formulas with fruit – We all know that fruit is the best in the Summer time so why not grab some while it’s in

There are obviously many other activities that can be done the best in the Spring and Summer but I think I am going to include more of them in the next part of this series. I figured that since there are so many things for families to do during these times of the year it could all be digested better in a series of articles.