Fun Family Activities for Fall

Summer is coming to a close and school is already back in session for most kids. But just because the kiddies are back and school and things are a little busier than usual, it doesn’t mean that family activities should be put on the back burner.

With that being said, I want to share some ideas with you that you and your family can do this fall.


Top 3 Fall Activities for Families

Raking Leaves

Before you clean up the leaves in your yard, why not rake them into a pile and let your kids run and jump in them?

I can remember doing this as a kid with my sister and cousins and it was a total blast. Especially if your yard has a bit of a slope to it.

If you don’t have enough leaves in your yard to rake into a pile of fun, why not go to a local park and admire the leaves there? Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year, and a great time to get some fresh air with the family.

Apple Picking

Ah, the good ole’ apple orchard.

One of the coolest parts of fall is the amount of people that visit their local apple orchard to pick some luscious apples. Many great for making homemade apple pie and caramel apples. 🙂 Delicious!

Apple picking can be a fun activity for the entire family, and yet another way to stay active together.

Going to the Pumpkin Patch

What’s Fall without a pumpkin around the house? Or at the least a pumpkin pie on the side. 😉

Visiting the pumpkin patch can be a fun experience for kids as they can express their creative side searching for that one lucky pumpkin that will get to go home with them. And if you’re in to carving pumpkins, this is yet another fun activity that will come from a memorable visit to the pumpkin patch.

And do I even need to mention that this experience makes for a terrific photo opportunity? Kids sure are cute when they are picking out pumpkins!

I Hope You Enjoy These Fall Family Activities

Fall is still a great time to be outside and active with your family, and there are a number of awesome activities that you can do together before it begins to get too cold outside.

What are some activities that you and your family enjoy doing together in the Fall?

20 Awesome Activities That Will Get Kids and Parents Moving Together

Did you know that less than half of kids get the recommended amount of exercise these days?

Parents seem to be having a harder time persuading their kids to take breaks and play outside. With all the news gadgets, video games, movies, TV shows, and other electronics constantly being placed in our kid’s faces, the temptation to play indoors can far outweigh the idea of moving around outdoors.

In this article, I would like to give you my top 20 activities that parents and kids can take part in together, in hopes of bringing more fun and movement into both sets of lives.

1.) Go for walks as a family whether it be through your neighborhood or a local park.

2.) Find a good place for birdwatching and see how many different types you and your children can identify.

3.) Go for a bike ride as a family.

4.) Start a garden. Let your kids choose a type of seed to plant and encourage their nurturing for other things.

5.) Play a game of charades.

6.) Fly a kite on a windy day. Continue reading 20 Awesome Activities That Will Get Kids and Parents Moving Together

Summer Time Fun for Families

Wow, it’s already the middle of July and I can’t believe how fast the year has already been flying by! Can you?

Summer time is wonderful but it always seems to be the season that goes by the quickest. That’s probably because it’s my favorite season though, and the one I happen to enjoy the most.

A lot of fun games, activities, and vacations can take place during the Summer, at least a lot more than during Winter, which I can’t stand. There’s something about the sunny weather that just makes you wanna get out and play. Today we wanted to talk about some of those things, so here at the top 5 things my children and I have greatly enjoyed doing this Summer.

1.) Slip-n-Slide: I believe I talked about this is one of our other articles, but creating a slip n slide can be easy, fun, and a cooling ride. If you don’t want to buy one from the store, you can always make one yourself with a large tarp, rocks or some softer objects to hold the tarp down with, and a hosepipe to stream water down the slide.

2.) Plant a Garden: This is a great time of the year to practice growing your own garden. This can teach kids a valuable lesson in responsibility, and even sprout more confidence in them. Allow them to choose some simple vegetables to grow, and then watch throughout the summer as they nurture the garden. It can be a truly rewarding experience. Continue reading Summer Time Fun for Families

10 Family Activities for Spring & Summer

The Spring and Summer seasons are a stupendous time to have fun the with entire family.

Here are some more ideas to liven up your seasons with some fun.

1. Grow something ya’ll can eat – We always hear that we should eat fresh for good health and how much more fresh can you get than something you grow with your own two hands? Choose a fruit or vegetable that your family will love and start a ‘planting project’ together.

2. Make tie-dye shirts – Here’s a retro one, but making tie-dye t-shirts can be fun for all ages while allowing everyone in your family to take their creativity to all whole other level.

3. Climb a tree – This one speaks for itself but can always be a fun and exciting adventure for kids. Many of us don’t have that great big tree that makes climbing a breeze, but all over your town I can guarantee you can find them in parks or even another friends house.

4. Build a treehouse – If you do happen to have a nice sturdy tree in your yard, try building a treehouse. Some smaller trees that may not seem as strong can sometimes still be used however, you may need to bring in some other boards for reinforcement. Continue reading 10 Family Activities for Spring & Summer

9 Family Activities For Spring and Summer

Family activities are a very important for keeping united, close and strong. What better time to take advantage of activities than in the Spring and Summer. With the sun shining warm and bright, the flowers blooming and pleasantness of nature, there is alway something to do inside or out.

Here’s a list of 15 activities to make your spice up your sunny season and bring everyone together to experience loads of fun.

1.) Go to a sports game – Whether it’s baseball or soccer or whatever else your family likes, a sports game can make for a fun way to ‘play’ together.’

2.) Take morning and evening walks – These are the best times for walking as they are they aren’t as hot as the middle of the day and can allow you to see things that you may not ordinarily see in the middle of the day.

3.) Sleep Outside – Sleepovers are cool but what’s cooler than sleeping outside? Get the wilderness experience by sleeping in an external habitat. Grab your flashlights, sleeping bags, and s’mores for the ultimate party outdoors.

4.) Gather flowers – Spring brings many wonderful things but one of the most beautiful are the flowers. Try picking some and even using them to make a pretty necklace and other types of jewelry. Continue reading 9 Family Activities For Spring and Summer