3 Big Reasons to Visit Middle Tennessee

There’s so much to Middle Tennessee that it can be hard to see everything on your list all in one visit; if you have already made up your mind to make a visit of course. 😉

If you’re someone that’s still on the fence about making a trip to Tennessee, fret no longer because we are about to give you three of the biggest reasons to visit.

1.) Beauty

Majestic mountains, many types of trees and rivers, lakes and streams in between – you can’t really travel about without getting at least a glimpse at all of the surrounding beauty.

While there are certainly other states in the South that also contain this much beauty, middle Tennessee is unique because of it’s beauty. All about the area, there are swimming ponds to check out, trails to hike on for days, and scenes that will make your heart stop for a second.

2.) History

Being one of the oldest states in America, Tennessee holds a lot of history from the East to the West.

To name a few, The Hermitage, The Parthenon, and the Grand Old Opry alone have a lot of history to share with tourists and residents of the region alike.

3.) Attractions

Nashville and all of it’s surrounding areas are becoming quite the attraction for tourists and folks that love it so much that they have decided to move there; and the numbers are only on the rise. In our opinion, this is because of the rich history of the area paired with the many events that are always taking places, as well as a long list of attractions to witness.

Do We Have You Convinced Yet?

As you can see, this just a minuscule amount of the many wonderful features of middle Tennessee.


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Photo credit: Flickr via Jordan McAlister