Fun 4 Kids: 3 Ideas That Will Brighten Up Your Child’s Day

In and around Nashville lies many different types of opportunities for fun. Some free, others not so much. You can’t really put a price on fun though, amiright?

Anyhoo, we’re puttin’ the kiddies first in this post, and putting three ideas out there for making your kid’s day a little more fun.

1.) Explore the Outdoors

One of the best things about Tennessee is the scenery, so why not get out there and explore it a bit.

Grab your little ones and head outdoors to one of the many parks in the area, recreation spots, lakes, and hey, why not the beach on cedar creek lake if weather permits?

However you want to do it, just get outdoors with the family and have a great time that you can make a memory of.

2.) Throw in a Little Exercise

Aside from getting out in nature and visiting one of the local parks, Nashville and the surrounding cities have other opportunities for exercise.

Here are our top 5 picks for children and the entire family alike to entertain the idea of exercise.

  1. Charlie Daniel’s Park in Mt. Juliet: Peaceful for walking, running, jogging, with a nice playground for the kids.
  2. BounceU in Nashville – Let your kids get their energy out on these indoor jumpers.
  3. Centennial Park – Great for walking, bike riding, walking pets, and overall taking in the surrounding scenery of the historical park.
  4. Jimmy Floyd Center in Lebanon – Get your swim on in one of the giant indoor or outdoor swimming pools, play racquetball, or exercise in the main facility. There are enough fun activities here to fill your entire day with fun.
  5. YMCA all over Middle Tennessee – You already know the drill – it’s fun to stay at the YMCA. We don’t have to even tell you that the Y offers good facilities for the entire family.

3.) Visit an Actual Fun Center

There are many fun centers around Nashville, offering a range of indoor games that allow you to win prizes. Some even have bowling allies within them, so there’s another way to add some fun to the day as well.

Here are our top picks for fun centers throughout Nashville.

  1. Holder Family Fun Center – Locations in Gallatin and Hendersonville
  2. Donelson Strike and Spare – Donelson
  3. Riverside Family Fun Center  – located off of Old Hickory Blvd in Old Hickory
  4. Sky High Sports – Indoor trampoline park in Nashville
  5. Franklin Family Entertainment Center – Franklin



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