20 Awesome Activities That Will Get Kids and Parents Moving Together

Did you know that less than half of kids get the recommended amount of exercise these days?

Parents seem to be having a harder time persuading their kids to take breaks and play outside. With all the news gadgets, video games, movies, TV shows, and other electronics constantly being placed in our kid’s faces, the temptation to play indoors can far outweigh the idea of moving around outdoors.

In this article, I would like to give you my top 20 activities that parents and kids can take part in together, in hopes of bringing more fun and movement into both sets of lives.

1.) Go for walks as a family whether it be through your neighborhood or a local park.

2.) Find a good place for birdwatching and see how many different types you and your children can identify.

3.) Go for a bike ride as a family.

4.) Start a garden. Let your kids choose a type of seed to plant and encourage their nurturing for other things.

5.) Play a game of charades.

6.) Fly a kite on a windy day.

7.) Go stargazing in the early evening, moonlighting, or walk around with flashlights.

8.) Have a scavenger hunt around your yard, or grab the neighbors and spread the hunt throughout multiple yards. Any kind of fun items can be used as items for the hunt.

9.) Rake leaves as a family while making piles to jump and slide in.

10.) Clean out the attic, basement, or garage together.

11.) Throw a ball back and forth whether it be a softball, football, or frisbee. Alternatively, kick around a soccer ball.

12.) Host and indoor or outdoor game of hide and seek.

13.) Go for a swim in the neighborhood pool or lake. Many areas have community or swim centers nearby that you can visit with a membership or for a small fee.

14.) Have a family movie marathon.

15.) Play hot potato with the remote control if you sit down together to watch the TV. Whoever is holding the remote at the start of the commercial break gets to lead everyone in an exercise or choose what to watch next.

16.) Create an obstacle course in the backyard or open area of the house, keeping track of everyone’s time.

17.) Have a timed cleaning challenge. Assign everyone an equal amount of chores and see who can get to the winning prize first.

18.) Have an ice-cream party, but replace the ice-cream with a healthy fruit smoothie instead. Not exactly an active activity, but still good for nutritional purposes.

19.) Make your own backyard water slide. Grab your hosepipe and a large tarp along with something to hold the tarp down with, and your new slide is ready to ride on.

20.) Build a tree house or playhouse if you have the room in your yard. Not only is this a good source of physical activity, but a way to start developing responsibility.

What kinds of activities do you have up your sleeve? Don’t hesitate to share!

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